News: With HoloLens Your Gaze Is Your Mouse

With HoloLens Your Gaze Is Your Mouse

HoloLens users will have a handful of ways to interact with the mixed-reality, holographic world. Gaze Input lets the user control a cursor in their field of vision. In other words, it's essentially a mouse that you control by looking around.

The cursor stays in the center of your field of vision, and is able to contour to the environment (it actually looks kind of similar to the icon that pops up when you call in airstrikes in Call of Duty games).

You'll also be able to add directional guides that can steer other users in shared holographic space toward a specific point of interest. The cursor's look and feel is controlled by the app developer, so each Holographic app can have its own feel. This also means developers can let you hide it as needed so it doesn't get in the way.

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