Have You Seen This?: New Spatial Map Measuring Tool & Beating Heart App for HoloLens

New Spatial Map Measuring Tool & Beating Heart App for HoloLens

While all of my previous Have You Seen This? posts have all focused on individual HoloLens apps in the Windows Store, this time I'll be sharing a couple at once. These holographic applications are really simple in scope, so there is not a lot to say about them, yet they are interesting enough for me to want to share them with you.


First up we have an application released by developers at Made In Point GBHM. This demonstration is a beating heart, simply put. There are a few voice commands that change its size, speed it up, rotate it, and so on, and that's about it.

Maybe it's too simple, but the heart is an amazing looking art asset and, while I am no doctor, appears to be a very accurate animation. It doesn't match the scope and scale of human anatomy apps being developed by medical schools across the country for physician and medical students, but it gives us HoloLens users outside of the health industry a new perspective on what's going on inside our chests.

HoloHeart is currently available in the Windows Store for free.


MultiMeasure, released by Mondo_Robot, is a simple measuring tool that takes the spatial map that is made by the HoloLens and allows you to air tap points into that space. It will draw lines between those points and give you measurements. The application has an excellent selection of voice commands that allow finer controls and changing measurement types.

One of the downsides is, as mentioned in the video below, is that you are trapped to using the surfaces. There are a few HoloLens gaze measurement tools on the Windows Store, and one in the HoloToolkit. Someone needs to develop a solution that allows the user to put a point on the wall and then pull it off at a perpendicular angle.

MultiMeasure is available currently available in the Windows Store for free.

The purpose of this series is not only to highlight cool applications that we run across, but also to allow people that have not gotten a HoloLens yet to see some of the software in action. That said, what HoloLens applications would you like to see in use in this series? Let us know and we'll see what we can do.

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