News: Smart Home Proof of Concept Uses a Raspberry Pi to Control Air Conditioner with HoloLens

Smart Home Proof of Concept Uses a Raspberry Pi to Control Air Conditioner with HoloLens

Empea Berlin, a Germany-based company specializing in augmented, mixed, and virtual reality software, released a Facebook video a few months back showing off their experiments in smart home technology. Using a Raspberry Pi and a HoloLens unit, they were able to make a virtual remote control for an air conditioning unit. The remote is complete with various modes, temperature controls, timers, and other features. There have been no updates on this project since they first showed it off, but hopefully we'll see a finished version sometime soon.

For those that do not know, Raspberry Pi is a tiny $35 computer. You plug a keyboard, mouse, and TV up to it and you are ready to go. Since version 3 has come out, they are up to a speed that they can be used as a light desktop computer, but due to their size, they can be used as part or in conjunction with many other devices.

I recently picked up a Raspberry Pi 3 to experiment with Internet of Things (IoT) smart home ideas with the HoloLens. I have yet to write a single line of code for this purpose, due to time constraints (I have been way too busy here), but I do promise—as soon as I get a chance to get it up and working, I will do a how-to post on it.

What other purposes can you see for Raspberry Pi and HoloLens? Let us know in the comment section below or on one of our social media outlets.

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Cover image by Empea Berlin/Facebook


Hi Jason, Is this done with holographic remoting do you know? Thanks. Will

You know, I am not sure. My instinct say no, but when I think of various solutions to do what they did, it does fall into the realm of possibility. I wish I had a better answer than that.

I am inclined to agree. More likely not done with holographic remoting.
However I do believe this is the direction MR-SmartHome will need to go for consumer grade products to win the market.

Hi Will. There is no holographic remoting here. The Pi change the relays based in a web server. Unity and native UI to interact with the rasperryPi using a standar internet client.

Hi, your work is really great. Is there any chance to share your project in near future? I am really interested in pairing Hololens with raspberry pi. I couldn't understand how it works.

Hi Jason, I'm working on a Hololens project with a rapsberry pi as well, but not sure how to make the connection. Can you give some guidance? Thanks

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