News: Life-Sized Mannequin Holograms Make Clothing Design Easy

Life-Sized Mannequin Holograms Make Clothing Design Easy

Creating a dress, or any other clothes for that matter, takes quite a bit of design, planning, and manufacturing to get it just right. Fashion designer Jim Reichert put on a HoloLens and saved himself a bunch of time designing a dress through the use of a life-sized holographic woman.

Despite the creepy gaze of the holographic woman he used, you can instantly see the potential for fashion designers. Instead of taking several measurements, figuring out fabric sizes and lengths, and creating a sewing pattern, Jim just grabbed a 3D female rendering from the game Second Life and designed his dress around her.

By focusing on the style, fit, and imagery he wanted to include on the dress, he didn't have to worry about a lot of the tedious work generally necessary to create the initial sample garment. Instead, he quickly created a working holographic model to see if the design was worth making. He could then utilize the measurements from the life-size hologram to figure out exactly what he needed to produce the outfit—so long as the recipient shared similar proportions to the digital model, of course.

Jim's example is only a basic one, but it demonstrates the potential mixed reality has to help make common, tedious tasks in various industries far more efficient. You wouldn't think technology and headsets would fit in with the fashion world, but clearly they have a place in production and exhibition, too.

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Cover image by Jim Reichert/YouTube

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