News: Turn Your Data into a Hologram with This HoloLens App

Turn Your Data into a Hologram with This HoloLens App

Theorem Solutions, a company that helps engineering and manufacturing companies reduce their costs, has taken the next step with their mixed reality technology. The company has now added their own app, called Visualization Experience, to the Windows Store for the Microsoft HoloLens

According to the app page, Visualization Experience shows you "how you can visualize, prepare and present your CAD data for visualization in HoloLens," with features such as data positioning, optimization of data for visualization, and 3D geometry manipulation.

With the app, users can interact with their data by animating it in front of them Iron Man-style. This gives "the user complete freedom of movement to view, manipulate and interrogate their 3D data, all controlled by the use of hand gestures and voice commands," according to the company's press release.

The app is free to download but requires your name, a company name, a valid email address, and a Hololens to validate. As a cool bonus, the app also comes with a free 90-day trial that supplies users with engineering data from Theorem that shows how the app functions and helps optimize output for companies. After the user is validated, they will be sent an email that unlocks the trial of Visualization Experience.

Users can upgrade to the full subscription version at any time, which will replace the Theorem data with a company's own engineering and manufacturing CAD and PLM data. The app will optimize it for use by the HoloLens, making the process efficient simple for its users.

Check out the app in the Windows Store for HoloLens.

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