News: HoloLens & Actiongram Direct Reggie Watts Holograms for Mixed Reality Video

HoloLens & Actiongram Direct Reggie Watts Holograms for Mixed Reality Video

Move over, Spike Jonze; Microsoft has published a mixed reality music video featuring holograms of Reggie Watts filmed through a HoloLens.

With HoloLens, the user in the video places various holograms of the musician and trippy visual effects on location. The images run the spectrum from '90s CGI to very lifelike.

The video showcases the capabilities of Actiongram, an app available on the Windows Store that allows HoloLens users to place holograms and film their own mixed reality videos.

The app provides an extensive gallery of visual effects, includes a several branded collections, such as Hello Kitty, Warcraft, and the newly-added Reggie Watts set.

While the untrained eye could dismiss the app as Snapchat on steroids, Actiongram is actually much more powerful, with features such as hand tracking, cloud delivery of new content, and a scene manager that assists users to determine how many holograms can fit in a scene.

With musical acts like the Gorillaz and Run the Jewels also hopping on the augmented reality bandwagon, could augmented reality kill the video star?

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Cover image via Microsoft/ YouTube

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