News: HoloIsland Turns Any Room into a Tropical, Mixed Reality Island

HoloIsland Turns Any Room into a Tropical, Mixed Reality Island

Wish your dull room was a little more refreshing? Through the power of mixed reality and the Microsoft HoloLens, one app can transform your space into a relaxing tropical island.

We generally look at virtual reality as the escapist technology and mixed/augmented reality as the productive one, but that doesn't mean there aren't crossover uses. In this case, the HoloLens provides an escape to a more tranquil setting than the one you might be in.

Unlike tethered virtual reality headsets, you can walk around your HoloIsland and still have context for your existing location. It's not quite as robust as what you see in "The Nostalgist", but it's a fun start. You'll find all kinds of holograms to play with on the HoloLens, but an interactive object only does so much. One that envelops you, however, is a much more compelling escape.

HoloLens users can download HoloIsland in the Windows Store for free, right now.

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Cover image by holodevice/YouTube

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