News: Javier Davalos Used the Microsoft HoloLens to Turn a Bush into a Perfect Sphere

Javier Davalos Used the Microsoft HoloLens to Turn a Bush into a Perfect Sphere

You've likely seen some impressive art carved out of a bush or tree before that looked like it required a lot of work and skill to create. While that may have been the case in the past, software engineer Javier Davalos used the Microsoft HoloLens to turn a bush into a perfect topiarian sphere with no training whatsoever.

In the video above, you'll see how Javier placed a hologram over the bush in order to see exactly where to cut. If something popped out of the holographic sphere, he knew he had to cut it off. Anything inside the sphere, however, remained. After removing the hologram, you can see the resulting bush became significantly more attractive.

Image by TheJavierDavalos/YouTube

While Javier's finished bush isn't much of a living sculpture, the same principles apply with any other topiaries you'd want to make. Just place the hologram over what you want to trim to that shape, cut until you can't see anything poking out, and you're done. You don't really need to learn much to do this, as the HoloLens inherently guides you through the entire process.

This has applications outside of bushes, as you could sculpt other objects using the same sort of guidance. Furthermore, this demonstrates that the HoloLens can work outdoors in practical applications despite Microsoft describing the device as one to be used indoors along with your Wi-Fi network. While the mixed reality technology will surely evolve to work in nature, and not just in the home, it's pretty amazing that people are already finding ways to make great things happen outdoors.

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