News: This Fun HoloLens App Transforms Any Room into the Matrix

This Fun HoloLens App Transforms Any Room into the Matrix

If you've ever wanted to live in the Matrix—or at least the iconic digital rain data visualization that Neo saw when realizing he was, indeed, the "one"—you can now do that with the Microsoft HoloLens. Just download The Red Pill.

Depth-mapping cameras allow the HoloLens to understand 3D space, which is how holographic objects can visually mix realistically with the physical world. The Red Pill utilizes this depth-mapping data to render the Matrix's digital data rain wrapping around everything in the room.

The effect works awfully well, and it demonstrates how a gimmick can liven up the tedious process of room scanning or go so far as to completely augment every aspect of the room. If you've got a HoloLens, you can install The Red Pill from the Microsoft Store.

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Cover image from The Matrix/Warner Bros.

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