News: Preview a 3D House in Mixed Reality Before It Gets Built

Preview a 3D House in Mixed Reality Before It Gets Built

Would you like to know what your next house is going to look like? With the HoloLens, you can just plop a hologram down in an open outdoor area and find out.

I've placed holograms all around my home with the HoloLens, but it never occurred to me that it could be possible to step inside one. Fortunately, futurist (among many other things) Jim Reichert thought otherwise. Using home design software Chief Architect, he created a simple home, sent it over to his HoloLens, and then dumped the fake home in his driveway.

While nothing too complex, you can see Jim step through the window of the home in the video above and look around. There isn't much more than a security system, light switch, and radiator, but that's only by choice. Anyone with a HoloLens could create a more complex home in the same software and dump it in their driveway right now.

With many structures rendered in 3D for design and planning purposes, this demo offers a look at an enormously simple and practical evolution in architecture. Why look at a building's rendering on a computer screen when you can actually walk through it in the space where it will someday exist?

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Cover image by Viktoriya/Shutterstock

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