News: Make Movie Magic on the HoloLens with Microsoft's New Actiongram Fantasy Contest

Make Movie Magic on the HoloLens with Microsoft's New Actiongram Fantasy Contest

Want to go to Seattle and meet the Actiongram team?

To go along with the new fantasy theme pack for Actiongram, a HoloLens app for incorporating 3D characters into home movies, Microsoft has announced the Actiongram Fantasy Contest Quest. Simply make videos using the content from the fantasy theme pack, then share those videos to your social media outlets with the #Actiongram and #ContestQuest hashtags, as well as post the URL for your entries in the comments section of the Actiongram Fantasy Contest Quest.

For those unfamiliar, Actiongram is a HoloLens application that gives you a large collection of holograms, most with associated animations. The holograms can be placed around your space and set up to trigger animations. And with a simple call to "Start Recording" (why is this not "Action"?!?), you can use the HoloLens to record you scenes.

If this seems like something you would like to participate in, you have from now until November 30 to make a cool fantasy-themed video. The follow prizes are listed below, but make sure to check out the full official terms and conditions.

  • 5 Grand Prize winners will win a trip to the Seattle area to meet the team behind Actiongram and see how holograms are made.
  • 4 First Prize winners will get a chance to collaborate with the Art Director of Actiongram on a new hologram.
  • The first 25 entries (of which there are currently 2) will receive an Actiongram swag bag.

If this your first foray into mixed-reality movies, make sure to check out the link below for some examples of what you can do in Actiongram.

Good luck! See you all on the other side. It is time for me to grab my HoloLens and get filming.

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