News: You No Longer Have to Wait to Buy a Microsoft HoloLens

You No Longer Have to Wait to Buy a Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft recently announced that they're producing HoloLens units fast enough to keep up with demand, which means you can acquire up to five dev kits right now—if you've got the $3,000 fee for each one.

The HoloLens will likely cost a good amount less after Microsoft makes it an official consumer product and not a "developer edition" special, but nobody really knows when that will happen. Despite plenty of clever prototypes, like the app that gets kids to eat their vegetables or a holographic bush trimming helper, we haven't seen much complete third-party software.

Most options, like this furniture planner, have a very specific use case and would fall into the micro app or widget categories if they were made for a smartphone. With few apps populating the store, Microsoft at least has reason to wait for a consumer release until developers catch up with their vision of the future.

Because we don't know exactly when to expect a non-developer edition of the HoloLens, it's great news that they're so readily available that you can order up to five and have them shipped to you right away. Microsoft noted a few relevant specifics about this wider release in an email:

Developers in the United States and Canada can now order up to five devices per Microsoft Account (MSA) directly from our online Microsoft Store. There's no application, and your devices will ship within a few days. We're so excited to welcome more developers like you to the HoloLens community.

— Microsoft

So if you're in the US or Canada and want to pick one (or five) up, you can do so right now on the Microsoft Store.

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