News: New Video from Microsoft's Alex Kipman Delivers Teaser for HoloLens 2 at Mobile World Congress

New Video from Microsoft's Alex Kipman Delivers Teaser for HoloLens 2 at Mobile World Congress

If there was a version of the Doomsday Clock for counting down the release of Microsoft's HoloLens 2, then the caretakers of that imaginary clock would move the minute hand to "one minute to midnight."

On Monday, Alex Kipman, Microsoft's technical fellow in charge of the HoloLens (and NR30 member), published a teaser video for the company's media event at Mobile World Congress Barcelona on Feb. 24.

Image by Alex Kipman/YouTube

The video, packed with abstract animations of computer components that would fit in with modern science fiction fodder, does not reveal anything specific about the device per se, nor does it mention the HoloLens by name. But the fact that Kipman shared it from his personal YouTube account speaks volumes regarding the video's intent.

"Are you excited yet? I am!" said Kipman in the video's description.

Kipman's presence at MWC, confirmed via a press invite last month, had already placed a high degree of certainty that the event would mark the public unveiling of the next-generation HoloLens.

Image by Alex Kipman/YouTube

Last year, reports emerged that the HoloLens 2 would be lighter and more comfortable, and come with an improved display and a lower overall purchase price.

In addition to the expected improvements, Microsoft has previously confirmed that the new HoloLens will include the Project Kinect for Azure depth camera, which will enable greater precision with regard to environmental mapping.

While teasing the public is typically the domain of Magic Leap, Kipman and Microsoft are certainly whetting the appetites of augmented reality enthusiasts for Feb. 24.

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Cover image via EPO Films/YouTube

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