News: Use of HoloLens Brings Rémy Martin's Story to Life

Use of HoloLens Brings Rémy Martin's Story to Life

The way we tell stories is about to change. Imagine you're hearing a story when suddenly characters and images from the tale start to appear in your world. This immersive way of storytelling is in the not-so-distant future thanks to the Microsoft HoloLens and Rémy Martin.

Recently, the 300-year-old champagne company Rémy Martin announced that it has partnered with leading HoloLens development studio, Kazendi to tell their story using mixed reality. With narration from cellar master Baptiste Loiseau, the company plans to launch a fully immersive experience that takes place around a bespoke 3D wooden table. On the table, Cognac Grande Champagne and Cognac Petite Champagne will be holographically displayed. As the narration continues, there will be projections of the process that goes into making the company's world famous champagne. Customers will be able to literally watch the company grow before their eyes.

Image via Rémy Martin

This will not just be information thrown at those who partake in the experience. Instead, the company is striving make this as entertaining and interactive of a story as possible. Global Executive Director of Rémy Martin, Augustin Depardon, spoke of the goal that the company hopes to achieve through this platform:

To us, Mixed Reality provides an amazing medium for storytelling. It allows us to reveal our roots, our chalky soil, and our exception by virtually showing it raise from the ground for consumers to see. Rémy Martin is committed to bring people together for exceptional moments of sharing and celebration. Microsoft's HoloLens technology came naturally as an immediate innovation answer to sharing these moments in an emerging social space.

— Augustin Depardon, Global Executive Director of Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin is the first to partner with Kazendi on bringing stories to life through the HoloLens, but it opens up a world of possibilities in the future. To use the Microsoft HoloLens as a way for the audience to not only hear a story, but see the story come to life around them could be the next way we learn. It brings about the prospect of having George Washington appear next to children while they learn about the American Revolution or letting users watch how old comets fell while they're stargazing. It could help people learn things by involving them in what they learning in a way that has never been done before. That trend is what the partnership hopes to start with this experience, according to Maximilian Doelle, Founder and Chief Holographic Officer of Kazendi:

Ultimately, mixed reality is deeply about engaging people in new social experiences. We are thrilled to launch our first consumer brand experience using HoloLens with Rémy Martin, who, although an almost 300-year-old brand, keeps on nourishing its exception and tradition through innovation.

— Maximilian Doelle, Founder and Chief Holographic Officer of Kazendi

The launch of Rémy Martin's story, 'Rooted in Exception', through the HoloLens will take place during a premiere in Los Angeles on June 15.

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Cover image via Rémy Martin cognac/YouTube

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