News: Microsoft Brings Outlook to the HoloLens, Rounding Out the Office Suite

Microsoft Brings Outlook to the HoloLens, Rounding Out the Office Suite

One of the more surprising omissions from the HoloLens' original app selection was email. You could write a word document or make a spreadsheet but only email through the browser. While not a major encumbrance, Microsoft's addition of Outlook makes the whole office experience feel complete.

If you've used Outlook on a Windows tablet, you'll know what to expect here. (If not, check out the video above.) You get basic rich text writing features for email, the ability to attach photos and files, and access to your folder structure.

You can add accounts from popular email sources like Microsoft (of course), Google, and Yahoo easily, and you can manually input your account if an expedient option isn't available.

Unfortunately, the addition of email did not result in an update of sharing options for photos and videos. More often than not I've wanted to email something I've captured, and to do that through a separate app such as Outlook, you have to wait for the HoloLens to upload it to OneDrive before you can even have access.

Although the arrival of Outlook didn't fill in all the missing benefits of integrated email, it's a big step in the right direction. No longer do you have to worry about getting logged out of a browser session—now you can just open up Outlook to get the job done faster.

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Cover image by Adam Dachis/WonderHowTo

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