News: Design a Room Layout with Holographic Furniture Using HoloPlanner

Design a Room Layout with Holographic Furniture Using HoloPlanner

When figuring out how to arrange your furniture in a new room, you traditionally have to measure everything and use your imagination. HoloPlanner has a better idea: just place holographic furniture in the room so the Microsoft HoloLens can imagine it for you.

With HoloPlanner, you choose from a library of generic furniture items and place them around your room like you would with any holograms on the device. It works pretty much identically to decorating with Microsoft's library of entertainment-centric 3D objects, so placing and resizing should feel familiar to anyone who has spent even a few minutes with a HoloLens.

HoloPlanner takes things a little further, however, and provides measurement tools for your room so you can quickly quantify the space you have as well as figure out how big your holographic furniture ought to be. With this app, you can plan out and decorate your room virtually in a few minutes so you know exactly where everything should go when you move the real furniture in.

If you've got a HoloLens, you can grab HoloPlanner for free on the Microsoft Store right now.

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