News: Your First Look at the HoloLens Development Edition

Your First Look at the HoloLens Development Edition

We received our HoloLens Development Edition from Microsoft, and well, we're pretty giddy. But before we set everything up, we wanted to give you all a look at just what you get for $3,000.

Let's get the plastic off and pull this baby out.

And what do we have here? A fabric-laden orb of sorts.

Alright, alright, enough of the box. Unzip the casing you get to the real deal.

There's a hole, let's see what's under it.

Waiting for us was the instruction manual, a cleaning cloth, charging cable and power brick, an extended nose pad, and the overhead strap.

Good stuff, but now it's time for the star.

These images have the built-in headband (not the optional accessory) propped up, but out of the box, it sits in line with the rest of the unit.

Apart from the HoloLens, there's a separate Clicker.

So that's it, everything you get with the HoloLens Development Edition kit.

Stay tuned to NextReality if you want to see what this baby can do.

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