News: These Devs Are Making Awesome Voice-Activated Magic Spells for the HoloLens

These Devs Are Making Awesome Voice-Activated Magic Spells for the HoloLens

LARPing, or live action role-playing, can look a little silly because it requires a lot of imagination to suspend reality. But mixed reality technology like the Microsoft HoloLens can change all of that with voice commands and special effects.

The Medium blog HoloLens Challenge posted a HoloLens developer challenge to create voice-activated magic spells. The simple yet compelling entries illustrate how easily mixed reality can change the experience of role playing games—both for LARPers and regular gamers alike.

YouTuber Jason Odom created a voice-activated spell that responds to individual parts of an incantation adapted from Daniel Suarez' Daemon and Freedom (TM) novels. You can see the effects in the video below. (Spoiler: he won.)

Chad Carter designed a magic staff that, as the challenge required, creates holographic magic with simple voice commands.

Danae Aguilar created a demonstration that summons a sorceress. While there isn't much interactivity, her entry shows a far more complex 3D model with attack animations.

While none of these challenge entries constitute actual games, you can see how simple apps can bring a significant part of our imagination into reality in a way never before possible. All the cool, impossible things we see and dream of in fantasy movies and games can become a part of our reality.

A few people put together some compelling examples in a short amount of time with Unity and a HoloLens. Imagine what we're going to see in the future with more time, money, and manpower. LARPing might not look quite as silly through the perspective of a mixed reality headset.

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