Have You Seen This?: Mind Mapping in 3D with the HoloLens & Holo Mind

Mind Mapping in 3D with the HoloLens & Holo Mind

In the world we live in now — a world of complete data overload — new ways to sort through that data moves well past "nice-to-have" and firmly into the needs category. Mind mapping has been one tool that allowed someone to break down large problems into like components and help visualize the problems in different ways. Now thanks to Data Experts gmbh's Windows Store release Holo-Mind, we can do that in 3D on the HoloLens.

While this organization technique can be traced back to the philosopher Porphyry of Tyre, in the 3rd century— the version we now know as "mind mapping" has its origins with BBC TV in 1974. British television personality Tony Buzan promoted the mind map concept, on the show Use Your Head.

Holo-Mind is a faithful recreation of the mind map system. With the ability to quickly build and extend branches outward, building complex ideas out into similar groupings is a simple task. The addition of the third dimension adds more potential nuance to help turn the complexities of a plan into even easier to digest ideas.

I did run into one major issue though. As you will see in the video above, I could not actually change the labels on the nodes themselves. I am pretty sure it was something I did wrong. That said, looking at the Windows Store information does not address this issue.

Assuming that the above issue was indeed an error on my part — and I can find the solution to fix it — I can see myself using this tool for planning out my next mixed reality project and many projects beyond. I look forward to seeing where data experts take this software as well. Icons and pictures? We will see.

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