News: The HoloLens Is Already Teaching Tomorrow's Doctors

The HoloLens Is Already Teaching Tomorrow's Doctors

The human body is amazingly complex, and seeing inside one poses a variety of challenges whether you're dealing with an actual human or some kind of facsimile. Mixed reality offers the ability to get the best of both worlds by creating a holographic teaching tool for human anatomy.

Microsoft partnered with Case Western Reserve University to create a holographic and interactive human body that med students can learn from. The students can not only explore any part of the body, but look at life-size versions of different bone fractures, heart function, the nervous system, and more.

Image by Case/YouTube

It's not just another way to learn, either. Using life-size holographic projections with full interactivity reduces the number of cadavers necessary for study. We'll always need bodies available for scientific research, but the fewer the better.

Image by Vocativ/YouTube

It also makes it easier for teachers and experts abroad to join in on a class, where they can interact directly with students as if they were there in person.

Image by Case/YouTube

This is just one medical application currently in development. Microsoft anticipates the technology will grow to aid in more complex situations like surgery. We're still a ways off from that future, but it's nice to know these devices can help create a better healthcare system in our lifetime.

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Cover image via Case/YouTube

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