News: ARails Lets HoloLens Users Build Holographic Roller Coasters in Any Room

ARails Lets HoloLens Users Build Holographic Roller Coasters in Any Room

As people experiment with mixed reality software, we're seeing applications that cover the entire spectrum of human interest. Anything that can exist in the physical world has a place in the holographic one. And just as we enjoy building various contraptions with real parts, a new app called ARails knew we'd feel the same about digital ones.

ARails really shines with building a roller coaster, as you'll see in the above video, but you can create a flight path for an airplane or tracks for a train as well. It's not so much a game as it is a digital toy box. Because it's in 3D and exists in your room, it has an appeal it wouldn't necessarily have on a computer. Just building is compelling because you can break the bounds of physical reality and create amazing tracks however you like.

If you're a fan of theme park simulators or model trains, you'll likely enjoy ARails. It may not have much practical use, but it's nice to see new HoloLens apps focusing on creativity and fun as well. To give it a try, install ARails from the Windows Store.

Microsoft seems intent on making the HoloLens more of a work tool. While it's well-suited for that, it's also wonderful for games. Hopefully, we'll see more apps like ARails in the future and expand our virtual toy box.

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Cover image via Holo Herald/YouTube

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