News: The Floor Is Actually Lava on the Microsoft HoloLens

The Floor Is Actually Lava on the Microsoft HoloLens

Unless you had a master of visual effects for a parent, you had to imagine the floor was actually lava when playing the classic furniture-hopping game. With a Microsoft HoloLens, however, you don't have to imagine anything.

The HoloLens can map the depth of a room and change the look of the physical world with holographic information. So it was only a matter of time before someone turned the classic floor is lava kids' game into an actual mixed reality game. Beyond that, you'll find snacks guiding you around the room; By jumping to their destination and chanting "nom," you can digitally consume them.

Aside from that bonus feature, the game isn't any different than what you likely played as a kid. Well, aside from the appearance of lava bubbling beneath your feat. It's one of those great but rare moments where your imagination can come to life. Maybe future updates will gives us more options like quicksand or acid.

If you've got a HoloLens, you can download "The Floor Is Lava" from HoloFriends for free right now.

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Cover image by Action Movie Dad/YouTube

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