News: 'See Through' Walls with This HoloLens Stud-Marking App

'See Through' Walls with This HoloLens Stud-Marking App

The HoloLens can do some pretty crazy things such as create a robot invasion in your walls, but it can also help you do simple stuff, like hanging frames, paintings, or anything else on those walls—after you repair them from the robot attack, of course.

Brick Simple made a very simple mixed reality app that you use with a stud finder, which you can see in action in the video above. Wearing the HoloLens, you use the stud finder like you would normally. When it finds a stud, you speak stud and the app marks the location holographically on the wall.

Once you've located the studs, just step back from the wall and they stick to their original position. This makes it easy to figure out exactly where you can hang things without marking up your house with a pencil—if your stud finder is fairly accurate, that is.

Given the unique beeps of most stud finders, the app could take this functionality to the next level by just listening for those noises and identifying the light indicator's location to automatically mark studs on the wall. It also wouldn't hurt to add a level. Nevertheless, it's an interesting example of how mixed reality devices can alleviate difficulty in even the most mundane of tasks.

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Cover image via Tom Baker/123RF

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