News: The Future of Gaming Is Robots Blasting Through Your Living Room Walls

The Future of Gaming Is Robots Blasting Through Your Living Room Walls

Developers across the U.S. and Canada have started getting their augmented reality headset packages from Microsoft, and so far, everyone's raving about one gaming experience that shatters all doubts of just what the HoloLens can do... RoboRaid.

In the video from Fun With Holograms, you get to see just how INSANE RoboRaid truly is to play. Initially named Project X-Ray, the basic storyline is that you are protecting your home from a sinister robotic alien invasion. You start up the headset and log in to get your menu displayed, which includes a tutorial.

Then the real fun begins.

The booming voice of your commander-in-chief directs your attention to the walls, where you see the robots literally smash through to spew spinning metallic enemies and mines at you. Seeing the walls come apart and hearing the plaster crumble definitely adds to your WTF factor, providing insane intensity to the gameplay.

You can see this only through the HoloLens headset itself, of course, but it goes to show just how awesome the immersive qualities are in the device. First-person shooters from Call of Duty to The Division rely heavily on making you really feel the environment, but having to do so through extensively designed landscapes that can be a distraction.

With RoboRaid, the game is designed to help you fully concentrate on nailing the robotic baddies quickly. If upcoming gaming experiences on the HoloLens are as adrenaline-filled as this first look, a lot more people might become AR-gaming believers.

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