News: First Images Captured by Microsoft's Project Kinect for Azure Surface Online

First Images Captured by Microsoft's Project Kinect for Azure Surface Online

Images captured by Microsoft's next generation Kinect depth-sensing camera that will facilitate augmented reality experiences in the next version of the HoloLens and give computer vision to untold multitudes of connected devices in enterprise facilities, have made their way into the wild.

Microsoft introduced Project Kinect for Azure at Build 2018 on Monday, with Alex Kipman, technical fellow at Microsoft, disclosing details about the sensor via LinkedIn.

Image via Microsoft

On Tuesday, Tim Fields, the founder of startup Abound Labs, shared the images and a few more factoids, attributed to Cyrus Bamji's presentation at International Solid-State Circuits Conference 2018, via Twitter (along with video from the Build 2018 keynote). The depth-sensing camera has a range of greater than six meters, with a margin of error of less than one centimeter at four meters; that's enough to track a ping pong ball at that distance.

Image via Microsoft

Microsoft believes the sensor will help companies achieve automation in their operations, resulting in cost-savings in security, healthcare, and manufacturing. The sensor can also be used to give vision to robots and drones for autonomous operation or enable real-time communication with holoportation.

While the depth-sensing camera's combination of high-resolution data capture and low power consumption make it attractive for companies working on connected devices, it's also good news for the next version of HoloLens in terms of capabilities, form factor, and battery life.

Get Your Hands on One

If you'd like to get your hands on the new Kinect Sensor, you can fill out this survey to apply for the development kit once it's released.

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Cover image via Tim Fields/Twitter

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