News: Make Apps for HoloLens in JavaScript with HoloJS

Make Apps for HoloLens in JavaScript with HoloJS

A new repository appeared in Microsoft's GitHub account a few months ago for a project called HoloJS. For those JavaScript developers out there that have been wanting to make HoloLens apps, this one's for you.

Microsoft has been surprising the development world recently by further embracing open-source software far more than they have in the past. Windows 10 recently added a version of Bash, the very popular Linux command line, and the technology giant even joined the Linux Foundation.

According to the description in the repository, the HoloJS framework is designed to help in the creation of Universal Windows Platform applications using both JavaScript and WebGL.

The GitHub repo also comes with a code sample to help get JavaScript coders started along with reference materials for Chakra, the JavaScript engine for Microsoft Edge. You will also find a reference to an experimental branch of ANGLE, an OpenGL ES to Direct X conversion for the Windows Store, Windows Phone, and desktop. ANGLE is one of those things that gets asked for a good deal in the HoloLens development forums and Slack groups.

Does JavaScript coming to HoloLens excite you? How does Microsoft making an obvious effort toward open-source software make you feel? Let us know in the comments below.

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Microsoft moving slowly towards the open source community is a great thing. They have nothing to prove anymore. They have no shortage of money. For us MS only guys it's really pushed Microsoft to improve its products and I look forward to seeing even more open source from them. How about a Winux?

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