News: Concept App HoloTwin Uses Holograms to Control Real World Objects

Concept App HoloTwin Uses Holograms to Control Real World Objects

Spending time in a holographic environment brings the virtual world to life, but it doesn't actually create much interaction with your physical environment. So Daenet created a concept app called HoloTwin to demonstrate how holograms and real-world devices can interact with one another.

Image by Daenet/Facebook

While very simple, HoloTwin uses a holographic light bulb as a virtual switch for an actual, physical LED light. While you wouldn't want to strap on the HoloLens every time you wanted to adjust the lighting in your home, the app demonstrates how mixed reality technology can work in the home automation space as well. For example, simply wearing the headset in a specific location could trigger lighting changes in a room for optimal mixed reality conditions.

Image by Daenet/Facebook

Beyond lighting, you could potentially overlay holographic beverage choices on a smart coffeemaker or see vital signs surrounding a health measurement device. While Daenet's demo focuses on a holographic switch, that's just one method of interaction. Wearing a mixed reality headset could create home automation controlled by physical movements, your specific location in a room, or where you point your gaze. It'll be interesting to see what new methods of control we'll see as this technology evolves.

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Cover image by Daenet/Facebook

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