News: Adobe Integrates with HoloLens for Personalized Marketing

Adobe Integrates with HoloLens for Personalized Marketing

At Adobe Summit 2017 this week, Adobe announced they are looking to occupy a new space in the market by combining their analytic capabilities with augmented reality. Teaming up with Microsoft, the company has combined Adobe Sensei software with the HoloLens, reports GeekWire. Together, the tech and software create a new tool for retailers to track their consumers' habits.

The Sensei technology "recognizes faces, makes predictions, and creates elements in photos based its technology," as OnMSFT explains. Incorporating this with the HoloLens will allow marketers to slip on the mixed reality headset and see around them foot traffic patterns and information about each product they focus on, such as what is selling well and what items customers stop to look at. It takes useful data for business and makes it visual and efficient.

Adobe announced integration plans with Amazon's Alexa as well. Adobe hopes to use their Adobe Experience software to make Alexa more personalized. Adobe Experience provides the data consumer profiles about rewards programs, then Alexa would then be able to recommend current promotions to take advantage of their rewards.

Augmented reality offers a perfect blend of Adobe's newer business of providing data and analytics with its classic graphic uses. The company maintains its visual technology core while forging ahead to new markets and innovations.

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