News: VLC Lands on the Microsoft HoloLens with Special New Features

VLC Lands on the Microsoft HoloLens with Special New Features

The latest beta of the popular open-source media player VLC just hit the Windows Store, which means it not only runs on Windows 10 and Xbox One, but the HoloLens as well.

VLC isn't new to Windows, obviously, but the beta released in the Windows Store offers a slew of special features beyond the normal functionality we've all come to expect from VLC. It now supports voice commands through Cortana, album pinning, and live tiles. There's also support for Continuum if you have a Lumia phone, but that doesn't really pertain to the HoloLens.

Aside from those additions, VLC works about how you'd expect in the HoloLens. It runs in a window and floats anywhere you decide to place it. You can access local media or stream from network sources. While this isn't the most exciting thing you can do on the HoloLens, watching video in a holographic headset has quite a few advantages over your average television and is a welcome addition to the device.

You can check out more details on what's included in the VLC for HoloLens update at Jean-Baptiste Kempf's blog (who's the lead developer of VLC).

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Cover image by Adam Dachis/NextReality, VLC, and Microsoft

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