News: The Hololens Could Change How Buildings Are Designed & Built

The Hololens Could Change How Buildings Are Designed & Built

With developers already figuring out how to use the HoloLens for home improvement tasks, it's no surprise that the device has greater applications in construction. Tech blog Digital Trends points out that holograms are a natural evolution of the blueprint, and several other aspects of construction work.

Justin Pot interviewed Scott Aldridge and David Neitz, leaders at consulting, construction, and engineering firm CDM Smith, who clearly understand the benefits of this technology.

Structures are decidedly three dimensional, but for the most part they're planned out on flat screens, and more commonly flat pieces of paper. According to Neitz, that makes communicating simple ideas complicated. 'We have this challenge with errors, omissions, and change orders, ineffective collaboration that's occurring between different groups,' said Nietz. 'Take a 3D model. It very often becomes a 2D print that loses some of the richness of the data that we're dealing with.'

Image by CDM Smith/Twitter

Not only can mixed reality headsets help with communication and planning, but more robust applications include projecting information onto construction sites. Workers could actually see what they need to build and specifically where to build it through a holographic lens. This can lead to greater efficiency and accuracy in construction.

With hard hats already a necessity for builders, adding mixed reality wouldn't change the look too much. While most of us aren't used to wearing computers on our heads, it should feel like a more natural evolution in the world of construction.

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Cover image via CDM Smith

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