News: Volvo Takes Showrooming to the Next Level with a HoloLens

Volvo Takes Showrooming to the Next Level with a HoloLens

While the early stages of any new technology always seems amazing because of the utilitarian, almost altruistic software concepts it inspires, mixed and augmented reality will still see its fair share of corporate apps. That might be a good thing, however, as Volvo's plan goes past general information and advertising to make a truly helpful tool for prospective car buyers.

When you shop for a car online, you can only see flat information from one perspective. In a device like the Microsoft HoloLens, you can look at a life-size vehicle almost like it's actually there. With the complexity 3D modeling offers, you're pretty much downloading an entire car for your personal education. (Take that, MPAA!) Outside of taking a proper test drive, you can experience the vehicle virtually in many of the same ways you would in real life.

Volvo's plans really suit the shopping experience as playing with a holographic version of a product could mitigate the need for showrooming. Imagine placing furniture in your house to see how it'll looking before buying it and without ever stepping foot in a store to see the actual piece. Mixed reality can create that experience for vehicles, home furnishings, and pretty much anything else you might shop for.

While you'll likely want to test drive, or experience several other kinds of products in the real world before making a purchase, mixed reality has the capacity to make the virtual shopping a heck of a lot more realistic.

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Cover image by Volvo

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