News: New Training Simulation Concept Enables Safe Crane Operation Through HoloLens

New Training Simulation Concept Enables Safe Crane Operation Through HoloLens

A proof of concept for an overhead crane training simulator is in the works. Using Microsoft HoloLens and an industrial-style controller, trainees can pick up holographic loads and transport them throughout a warehouse setting.

The simulator, developed by Asobo Studio, a mixed reality developer based in Bordeaux, France, provides a safe way for companies to conduct training with crane operation, a dangerous activity that can cause serious injury if a real load were mishandled by a novice.

Image by Asobo Studios/YouTube

"This is one of the best use cases of mixed reality in the truest sense—walk environment and perform a task," said Sebastien Motte, cofounder and CEO of LOOOK, a strategic partner of Asobo Studio, in an interview with NextReality.

In addition to giving workers a safe space for training, the application also allows companies to conduct training without shutting down production; training can take place in a completely separate location.

The idea is to recreate the crane to perform the same exercise but with holograms and real physics.

— Sebastien Motte, Cofounder and CEO of LOOOK

The video below shows how the application works. LOOOK and Asobo are seeking potential clients to develop a complete training application.

How useful do you think this application would be for crane operation training? Let us know in the comments below.

Update: The original version of this post gave sole credit of the application to LOOOK. The post was subsequently updated to note that Asobo Studio was the developer of the proof of concept and produced the embedded video.

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Cover image via Asobo Studio/YouTube

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