News: Classic '90s Game Lemmings Comes to the HoloLens

Classic '90s Game Lemmings Comes to the HoloLens

If there's one thing entertainment companies love, it's rebooting aging franchises. But design firm Globacore Interactive Technologies appears to have taken rebooting to the next level by remaking the classic '90s game Lemmings specifically to work on the HoloLens, Microsoft's mixed reality headset.

The classic Lemmings game lets you lead a pack of lemmings (small rodents) along a path to reach a destination, all while attempting to prevent accidental death as the lemmings follow the leader in whichever direction the lemming in front goes, regardless of the danger that lies ahead.

But now, instead of controlling your lemmings on a computer screen, you can lead them through the wilderness of whichever room you put them. For example, lead your lemmings through the perils of the living room sofa, or help them avoid the ledge of the kitchen table.

The lemmings can be given roles with your voice, and you can build bridges, block to the left, block to the right, or even construct a set of stairs to help them find their way around your room. Check out how it works in Globacore's demo below.

If you're a HoloLens owner, download HoloLems from the Microsoft Store for free to give it a try.

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Cover image via Globacore/Vimeo

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