Video: Two Women Wearing HoloLenses Duke It Out Anime-Style in the Middle of a Restaurant

Two Women Wearing HoloLenses Duke It Out Anime-Style in the Middle of a Restaurant

Joyce Kuo of Nijie Technology released a video showing a group fighting it out Dragon Ball Z-style in a restaurant, but instead of Goku, Piccolo or Vegeta, we have two horse-headed young ladies shooting fire and other elements at each other.

From what I can make out, they're using HoloLens headsets (obviously) with a Vuforia-style AR image recognition and overlay system, holographic sharing, and a heavy use of particle systems.

Okay, so the video is a bit of an indiscernible mess. The HoloLens is fighting to keep its frame rates up and failing. The image recognition/overlay system does not seem to be fast enough either, but this could be due to the particle systems. To fix these issues, they need to rebuild this using the particle and instancing changes in Unity 5.6, which would make it run at least a little bit better.

Wizard battles of various types will likely become a recurring theme as augmented and mixed reality become more widely adopted. The combinations of voice commands and gestures could really make an interesting take on the fighting game genre. Changing these types of games to a ranged battle instead of hand-to-hand combat seems like a natural progression for the technology.

What do you think? Will the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat lovers out there insist on some hand-to-hand variant in AR, or will ranged battles become the norm? Let us know in the comment below or through one of our social media outlets.

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Cover image by Joyce Kuo/YouTube

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