News: 360world's Windows Mixed Reality Tools Will Help Air Traffic Controllers See in New Ways

360world's Windows Mixed Reality Tools Will Help Air Traffic Controllers See in New Ways

360world, a Hungary-based tech company involved in motion control and augmented reality, released information today about their latest products, the CLAIRITY HoloTower and CLAIRITY SmartBinocular. These tools are designed to bring augmented reality into the hands of air traffic controllers, via Windows Mixed Reality, to greatly improve their workflow over tools already in use.

CLAIRITY HoloTower is a hands-free visor that provides air traffic controllers a fundamental shift in the way they view their work. The device gives them the ability to see data and information related to the subjects they are looking at around the airport—without distracting or interfering with the real-world view.

For example, users watching an airplane in taxi would be able to view data such as call sign, speed, altitude, and more. In addition, the visor provides the user with full-scale 3D models of airports and the surrounding terrain, in case there's low visibility on the tarmac, such as with heavy fog times.

The air traffic controller can also view 3D virtual monitors in lieu of physical ones. These monitors are fully customizable, and can be interacted with and manipulated by the users hands. Users will be able to display crucial information such as weather, maps, and current air traffic data, and be able to switch to different modes such as the previously mentioned fog-be-gone viewer.

Image via 360world

CLAIRITY SmartBinocular provides similar features to the HoloTower, but implements the visual advantages of binoculars. 360world claims the SmartBinocular has greater zoom capabilities than regular binoculars (30x compared to 20x), in addition to smart features such as stabilization, target-locking, and the ability to see through buildings. The SmartBinocular has a useful HUD, which can also display an image more crisp than regular binoculars.

HoloTower was designed for use with the Microsoft HoloLens, but will work on other Windows Mixed Reality (previously Windows Holographic) headsets in the future. SmartBinocular uses the same platform, but is a custom built device with a high-end PTZ camera.

Image via 360world

As of this article, 360world does not have a release date for either the HoloTower or the SmartBinocular, but the company offers an email newsletter to stay informed on all things CLAIRITY. Just head to the bottom of their CLAIRITY product page to sign up.

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Photo via 360world/YouTube

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