News: Pokémon GO Will Be So Much Better with a Mixed Reality Headset

Pokémon GO Will Be So Much Better with a Mixed Reality Headset

Pokémon GO has had an incredible impact on gamers in a way we've never seen before, but you can only do so much in augmented reality on a smartphone. It's clear we're headed for more immersive experiences, but the Amsterdam-based development studio Capitola VR already created a proof-of-concept version of the game that works on the Microsoft HoloLens.

The videos here aren't demonstrative renderings, but mixed-reality captures taken directly from the HoloLens. When you watch, you're seeing someone actually play.

While we'll likely not see Pokémon GO in a headset anytime soon—seeing as no mixed reality headsets have yet to reach the consumer market (out of beta, at least)—given the enormous interest in the game, it's surely inevitable. Microsoft has already shown interest, and Capitola VR isn't alone in creating these demos. GeneralKidd, whose YuGiOh concept we shared previously, created a basic battle app (seen below).

While both are concepts and not actual games, they both surfaced very quickly. When the hardware is ready, presumably Niantic will be, too.

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Cover image by Capitola VR

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