News: Full-Body Motion Controller HoloSuit Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Full-Body Motion Controller HoloSuit Coming Soon to Kickstarter

A few days before Christmas last year, we saw the first glimpse of HoloSuit, a new motion controller by startup Kaaya Tech. This full-body motion controller is designed as a tracksuit with sensors that can be used to control devices such as a computer or Microsoft HoloLens, and now it's getting ready to start production, with an upcoming Kickstarter campaign planned to go live soon.

Kaaya Tech is currently asking for feedback on the HoloSuit before going live with their Kickstarter campaign, which can be previewed online by anyone.

According to the preview, the complete suit will be made up of a jacket and track pants. These suits will be sold separately and together as a set. And while they only show a black and orange color combination so far, it appears that multiple color options are in the works.

The jacket and track pants of HoloSuit. Images by Kaaya Tech/Kickstarter

Two games will come with the HoloSuit to show off its capabilities—HoloSuit Saber and HoloSuit Golf—and will work with mixed and virtual reality headsets such as the HoloLens, Samsung Gear, and Oculus Rift.

The first game lets you hold a real saber in your hands as you fight knights, and will allow you to perform some hands-on fighting moves by kicking backward, for example. The second game lets you play golf, as the name implies, but not only can you play at home, but you can play in real life and record your actions for playback and dissection later to see how you can improve your game.

While it may change, regular Kickstarter pricing appears as follows:

  • Jacket: $299.99
  • Pants: $299.99
  • Jacket and pants: $549.99
  • Jacket, pants, and SDK: $649.99

And the few—very few—lucky early bird supporters can get a decent discount:

  • Jacket: $199.99
  • Track pants: $199.99
  • Jacket and pants: $349.99
  • Jacket, pants, and SDK: $449.99

Kaaya Tech is doing a good job of being very transparent about their process with a list of problems and their approach to solving those problems. They also have pictures of the circuits that will be used in the HoloSuit.

The octagonal main board powering HoloSuit, and the custom flexible PCB for the sensors. Images by Kaaya Tech/Kickstarter

If this is something that you think you could use for your development project, you should definitely sign up with Kaaya Tech or select "Notify me on launch" on the Kickstarter preview so you know when the campaign goes live.

Can you see yourself using your whole body as a controller for mixed reality? Should this be relegated to the virtual reality world? Let us know in the comments.

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Cover image via Kaaya Tech/Kickstarter


Definitely has a place in VR and depending on the accuracy maybe even inexpensive mo-cap. Sounds like you can get data on the performance of athletes.

The cost of the consumer Hololens and this might be too much for most. Depends on how easy their SDK integrates with projects in development. It would suck to go back and add a ton of code for something one's not sure would get used in the project they are near ready to release. It seems cool, but really want to know more about its accuracy and SDK.

Thanks for the feedback Arnold. HoloSuit is not limited to HoloLens. It works with HoloLens, Samsung Gear VR, Android, Windows and is future proofed to work with any other device which might come in the future. Also it will work without needing any external device!

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