News: Atheer's Enterprise AR Platform Now Available on HoloLens via Design Interactive's App

Atheer's Enterprise AR Platform Now Available on HoloLens via Design Interactive's App

Enterprise augmented reality developer Atheer is bringing its AR solution for enterprise businesses to the HoloLens by way of a joint venture with fellow AR developer Design Interactive.

The app, called Augmentor, provides troubleshooting guides to workers through the HoloLens, and even enables experts to create their own workflows with the headset.

Now, Augmentor powered by Atheer AiR Enterprise, adds the ability to author work instructions through a web-based portal as well as offer cloud support to facilitate easier sharing of content across the business. The solution also features remote collaboration, allowing users to stream their video feed to experts in other locations.

Image by Design Interactive/YouTube

"Design Interactive is really forward-looking [and has] has been focused on solving problems in some of the most challenging industries, such as heavy trucking and the military," said Soulaiman Itani, the CEO and founder of Atheer, in a statement. "It is Design Interactive's insight from these applications that makes this relationship so promising."

The offering fills a major hole in Atheer's otherwise diverse lineup of supported devices, which includes smartglasses from Vuzix, Epson, ODG, and Google Glass, among others, as well as Android tablets.

Image by Design Interactive/YouTube

"We are excited about the partnership Atheer affords," said Kay Stanney, CEO of Design Interactive. "What makes Atheer so appealing is not just their software, but their hardware experience. Most competitors make software. But in Atheer, we found a partner that has developed AR hardware and truly understands the entire AR ecosystem that brings value to a client."

While the software could be beneficial across a number of industries, Design Interactive and Atheer have set their sights on the automobile and heavy truck manufacturers. The companies will demonstrate the newly-merged software at the Truck Maintenance Council trade show in Atlanta in March.

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Cover image via Design Interactive & Atheer/YouTube

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